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About Elite Livestock Auctions

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Elite Livestock Auctions utilise the latest in live internet bidding technology to allow you to bid for cattle, sheep, and stud stock auctions online. Elite Livestock Auctions is part of The StockLive Group – click here to find out ABOUT US

At Elite Livestock Auctions, we offer our clients a product that is unmatched by our competitors. All auctions are now broadcast live via the internet, with full video, imagery and sound. Buyers and sellers can bid or view auctions from the comfort of their home or office in real-time using a computer or iPad and now iPhone.

Internet bidding represents one of the fastest growing promotional and marketing tools to the auction profession worldwide. With the click of a button, you can have access to our livestock auctions hosted all over Australia.

There is no need for software downloads, and the process of becoming a member takes only a few minutes – click here to become a member and start bidding.

Elite Livestock Auctions is 100% owned by the Australian independent and privately owned AAM Investment Group, not a corporation. Our founders’ roots are firmly grounded in regional and rural Australia, and the Group operates a diverse range of agricultural enterprises across the supply chain; from our online auction platforms and saleyard operations stretching the length of eastern Australia, to our cattle operations at Legune Station in the Kimberley and mixed farming and livestock operation near Forbes in NSW, with the addition of cattle and sheep operations near Blackall in QLD to be added to our portfolio soon.

AAM’s focus and mandate is to proactively develop businesses, systems and investment in agriculture that underpin a strong livestock sector now and for the future. We are proud of the fact that 100% of the investments made by our business across a whole range of industries to date including beef, sheep, cropping, broiler chickens and timber milling, have been wholly supported by Australian investors.

Thank you for choosing Elite Livestock Auctions.