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How to Bid Online

Buy “The Elite Way”

Search current auctions. We add numerous consignments each week. Check the detailed listing for livestock information, videos and photos on our website.

Create a free Elite Livestock Auctions account to help with your livestock search and to bid online.

Become familiar with our auction process. Elite Livestock Auctions conducts live auctions at physical auction sites, with real time bidding on-site and online.

Convenient bidding options:

  • Bid online in real time at any auction from any location worldwide, simply by logging in using your desktop computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone.
  • In person at the auction. Anyone can register in person at any of our live auctions.
  • Phone bidding is available for remote clients with limited internet access.

Advantages of Buying “The Elite Way”

Buyers are exposed to large numbers of livestock at the click of a button.

Consignments are from reputable clients of the Elite Livestock Auctions network.

Search for livestock from all over Australia.

Information regarding vaccination treatment, hormones used, weaning process (for calves), and age verification (dentition) is available to prospective buyers prior to the commencement of all auctions.

Delivery dates are set in advance.

An “Elite Livestock Auctions”, or “Selling Agent”, representative is present at each delivery.

Should a dispute arise – Elite Livestock Auctions shall act as mediator until a satisfactory outcome is achieved for all parties involved.

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