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How to Sell “The Elite Way”

Contact your local livestock agent or an Elite Livestock Auctions representative.

Advantages of Selling “The Elite Way”

The guarantee of what your livestock are worth before they leave the farm gate.

The seller determines auction reserves.

Weighing conditions and curfew periods are set prior to auction by the vendor.

Delivery dates and instructions are set prior to auction by the vendor.

Vendors and their agents have opportunity to “post comments” about livestock for potential buyers.

Auctions are promoted and marketed to a national database of buyers/seller Australia wide.

Elite Livestock Auctions:

  • Attract more bidders.
  • Creates nationwide fair or above market value.
  • Gives potential buyers all necessary information prior to auction
  • Creates more bidding competition.
  • Results in higher returns
  • Delivers certainty of sale at the farm gate.


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